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Pivacy Statement
Gambling is an exciting and popular form of entertainment, which attracts around 80 per cent of Australian's every year. The overwhelming majority of people bet for fun and bet sensibly. They see gambling as an enjoyable recreational activity. But, like anything else, gambling carries a risk when it is abused.

Fitzy's Waterford is committed to responsible gaming. We don't want to see anyone lose more then they can afford. So we urge all customers to bet carefully. Set yourself a limit and stick to that limit. Never borrow money to gamble. The Fitzy's Waterford urges you to stick to these basic rules and gambling will remain an enjoyable activity. Sometimes Gambling Can Become a Problem

Studies show that around 98 per cent of people have no problem controlling their gambling.

For some people, however, gambling becomes a problem. They spend more money and time than they can really afford on gambling. They become preoccupied with gambling which becomes increasingly hard to control. This can lead to financial and emotional distress which can affect marriages, relationships, work and health.

This is when assistance is needed. Fitzy's Waterford has a program in place to help people with gambling problems. It is crucial, however, that you recognise the danger signs.

How To Tell If Gambling Is Becoming a Problem
The warning signs of problem gambling may include:

Gambling more money than you can afford
Gambling with household and other essential funds
Borrowing money and having trouble repaying it
Absences from home or work
Dishonesty and secrecy about money matters
Severe mood swings
Increased alcohol consumption
Easily bored by everyday events
Denial of any gambling problem despite the obvious signs

Assistance Is Available

The Fitzy's Waterford urges anyone at risk of developing a gambling problem to seek assistance. Our staff are trained to help. They will suggest a range of counselling services, many of which provide their services free of charge. These agencies are friendly and guarantee confidentiality. Counsellors will determine the severity of the gambling problem and recommend a strategy to deal with it.

The Fitzy's Waterford encourages anyone who thinks that they may have a gambling problem to call the Gambling Helpline service on 1800 222 050. This service is available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week and provides a confidential, anonymous and free counselling service. Patrons can receive expert advice in a range of community languages including Chinese and Vietnamese.

In extreme cases, The Fitzy's Waterford will arrange for a counsellor to visit the complex to provide immediate assistance.

The Self Exclusion Program

Most importantly, The Fitzy's Waterford encourages people who recognise that they have a gambling problem to take advantage of our "self exclusion program". Patrons can "ban" themselves from returning to the Gaming Room so they are less likely to return to gamble. In fact, if they do return they risk prosecution and financial penalties. Please just ask one of our team members for help.

Bet Safely!

Remember that if gambling is no longer fun and you have trouble betting responsibly you can seek assistance. Organisations offering help - Confidential counselling and assistance is just a phone call away.


The Fitzy's Waterford is committed to ensuring the Responsible Service and Promotion of Gaming in our venue. If Gambling becomes a problem please call the Gambling Helpline on 1800 222 050. The Fitzy's Waterford does not permit minors - persons under the age of 18 years, or excluded persons to participate in gaming activities or gaming promotions at the hotel.
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